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About Captain Rob Darmanin:

Rob Darmanin holds a valid U.S. Coast Guard Master License and is authorized to operate vessels up to 25GT.

As a child growing up in New York, I spent countless hours on the weekends and all week during summer break fishing! My family is originally from the Mediterranean island of Malta, where fishing is a way of life, so It was important to my father that he pass that cultural heritage on to me. It continues to run as strong as a spring tide current in my blood today!

As a youngster my dad would take me along when he and his brothers would go down to the surf to toss big plugs into the breakers in persuit of the game fish that engorged themselves on schools of smaller fish caught up in the awesome power of the ocean's surf. He also was responsible for taking me offshore for the very first time, and that was enough to get me hooked on "Blue Water" fishing for life!

As I got a little older I took the information my dad taught me and added to it every chance I got. I read magazines, watched fishing shows, attended seminars and gleaned any useful information I could from fellow anglers I met during my pursuits. But most of all, I FISHED!!!! Nothing compares to actual hands on experience when it comes to learning the basics of fishing.

To me one of the best things about fishing is that one could never really know all that there is to know about it! Just like a hunter, a good angler thinks like his quarry…but just when you think you have them figured out, they throw you a curve ball! To me that is the essence of fishing. It's what keeps it fresh and challenging regardless of how long you have been at it.

One of my favorite expressions came from an "old salt" I met walking on the same beach as me one fishless morning many years ago. He told me that he had been to the very same spot just one day earlier and it was like "fishing in a barrel". When I expressed my disappointment in having missed the action by just one day, he replied with a smile … well son, that's why they call it "fishing" …not "catching".

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If you want to have a great time Fort Lauderdale light tackle charter fishing, then come sportfishing in Ft Lauderdale Broward County Florida with a fully licensed captain Rob Darmanin. He will take you fishing in the waters in and around Ft Lauderdale South Florida for some of the best sportfishing action around! Don't go fishing with an unlicensed fisherman claiming to be an expert on the subject of Ft Lauderdale Sportfishing. This will make your Ft. Lauderdale sportfishing experience a negative one and you will not have as much fun as you would fishing with Captain Rob Darmanin, who is a local expert on Ft Lauderdale sport fishing. So the next time you plan to take a trip to south florida, make sure you include some Ft Lauderdale Sport fishing action with a local guide, expert, licensed captain Rob Darmanin aboard the Reel Action. You are sure to have a day to remember after your Ft Lauderdale Sportfishing trip!